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Matches title, description, time, and instructor. This year-long, lab-based course is a survey of key concepts in the fields of physical science, Earth science, and life science which will give students the foundational knowledge to succeed in high school level Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Science.

Each class period will involve approximately 25 minutes of lecture and 60 minutes of lab time. Weekly lab work will allow students to apply the scientific concepts studied, improve laboratory techniques, record observations, take a variety of measurements, use different lab equipment, record and interpret data, convert units of measure, and write lab reports.

An effort is made to incorporate recent scientific discoveries and new technologies in class discussions. The background covered in this course will enable a teen to become an educated reader of scientific news and a more knowledgeable consumer. The life science topics in this class are designed to give the student general knowledge in biology, zoology, botany, genetics and ecology. General themes in the class include life cycles, food webs, and an understanding that living things depend on each other.

Microscope work will be used in life science labs. Students may want to dual register with this course and the fall Dissection Lab classes for a more robust introduction to biology and for further lab experience. The physical science portion of the class will overview fundamentals of chemistry and physics such as the properties and classification of matter, the Periodic Table, basic chemical reactions, energy, forces, work, motion, simple and compound machines, waves, light, sound, and electricity.

This class is appropriate for a tween or teen who had limited middle school level science and who expects to pursue high school level Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, or Environmental Science on a college-preparatory track.

This class is also appropriate for a homeschooled teen who will likely pursue an arts- or vocational- focused path and for whom an overview of high school science concepts is sufficient.

Assignments: will be given in class and repeated in the weekly e-mail to parents and students. In addition, students will have some take-home labs to complete observations and measurements longer term at home. Assessments: The instructor will provide a quarterly student evaluation form which includes metrics on a student's class participation, homework, and general understanding of concepts for the parent's use in assigning a grade. Credit: Homeschool families may wish to count this course as a full credit in general science for purposes of a homeschool transcript.

This full-year lab science course introduces classic biology topics updated for the 21st century. Biology studies living things and their relationships from microscopic to massive, ancient to modern, arctic to tropic. Our survey includes: 1 cellular and molecular biology, 2 ecology, 3 genetics, 4 biology of organisms with selected human health and anatomy topicsand 5 evolution and diversity.

You will observe microscopic organisms and give monarch butterflies a health exam before tagging them for their 2, mile migration to Mexico. You will extract DNA, model its processes, and learn how scientists manipulate this magnificent molecule to make mice glow. You will observe animal behavior, test your heart rate, and practice identifying and debunking pseudo-science.

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By the end of the course, students will be able to explain the nature of science as a system of knowing; cite evidence for foundational theories of modern biology; explain basic biological processes and functions; describe structures and relationships in living systems; outline systems of information, energy, and resources; demonstrate valid experimental design; discern ethical standards; relate their values and scientific ideas to decision-making; and apply biology knowledge to their own health.

In this flipped classroom, students are responsible for covering new material such as readings from the textbook and additional popular and scholarly sources, videos, and animations prior to class meetings. In-person sessions focus on active discussion, clarification, exploration of content, review, modeling, and hands-on activities.

Labs address not only technical skills and sequential operations, but also forming testable predictions, collecting data, applying math, drawing conclusions, and presenting findings.

Hands-on dissection, always optional, is taught with preserved crayfish and fetal pigs. Sensitive issues: human reproduction is not taught separately, but mentioned as students learn about other, related topics such as sperm, eggs, stem cells, genetic disease, hormones, fetal development, breast-feeding, adolescence, and HIV. While there may be some debate-style discussion of topics such as GMO, abortion will not be debated. Birth control and sexuality education are not covered, but distinctions between gender and biological sex are discussed in detail in the genetics unit.

Dissections are optional. Evolution is embedded in every topic, from molecular to ecological, inseparably from other content. It is addressed in a scientific context, not from a faith standpoint.How does a homeschooler go to public school if he or she needs to?

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H ow do you enroll a homeschooled student in public school? When we started homeschooling, my daughter wanted to go back to public school for a while. After talking about it, we decided to continue homeschooling and have never looked back. When writing this article, I asked families I know to share their experiences. There are many reasons a family might decide that homeschooling is no longer working for them.

The families I know who enrolled their children in public or private school did so for reasons such as:. They had no alternatives due to the death of the primary teaching parent or the primary income earner or divorce. Many potential homeschooling families are afraid to try homeschooling. These families need to know their options. But none of the parents I talked to had trouble. I interviewed parents who enrolled kids in 1st grade all the way through 10th about their experience.

All of the others indicated they had to provide records such as:. A few parents said guidance counselors worked with them on placing their students in the appropriate grade levels and classes. Some allowed credit for high school level courses the kids took in 8th grade.

Others were allowed to skip typical grade level classes already completed. One friend I talked to worried that her student would struggle with math.

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A high school freshman signed up for all honors classes except English. He worried that his writing skills were weak. Without fail, every parent discovered that their formerly-homeschooled kids were not only prepared but often excelled academically.IT is assumed that all activities have been cancelled including camps, fairs and festivals, though some camps may offer virtual experiences. However, you may use the contact information provided to check with individual venues and providers.

Whether you are going to summer camp, getting a summer job, or just staying close to home, ConneCT Kids has some resources that will help you plan for a great summer.

Additional items will be added as they become available. If you are considering having your resource listed on these pages, we suggest that you read the Guide to the Guides. If you know of any additional resources please let us know at connect. You may obtain the current full list using the following procedure. To select a list for generation, activate the checkbox beside either list.

Then select the "Continue" button at bottom of page. We suggest Excel so you may sort the list on any of the available fields. After activating the desired format checkbox for each list, select the "Download" button. Depending on your bowser, you may be given a choice to Open or Save the file.

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This listing is a service to parents, and does not indicate an endorsement by the State of Connecticut. Listings will be updated as they are received. The program is supported by the State Department of Children and Families DCF in addition to a tuition fee program utilizing a significant private funding base.

The Wilderness School offers high impact wilderness programs intended to foster positive youth development. Back to Camps. We have assembled a highly skilled staff of educators and coaches to lead our campers in a dynamic array of sports, academics, and arts programs.

Our focus on health and wellness will ensure that each child has a fun day filled with both physical and mental activity, underscoring the notion that a healthy mind, body and soul are key components of a happy and healthy life. Regardless of the program, all Camp KO participants will experience a fun and stimulating day of mental and physical activity, combining periods of intense focus along with time to relax and rejuvenate, which includes stretching and conditioning sessions.

The daily schedule reinforces the Camp KO philosophy of the importance of nurturing the whole person -- mind, body, and spirit.

For more information, please visit our website at www.

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Girls discover their individuality and creativity through traditional camp activities and fun themes for each week. Girls can try out the traditional camping experience, including outdoor cooking, environmental education, fire building, and more: Camp Laurel : Sprawling fields and rustic buildings combined with an intricate trail network set the scene for an amazing camp experience at Camp Laurel, a resident and day camp in Lebanon, CT.

Girls will explore their surroundings at Laurel while hiking, swimming, boating, and challenging themselves to try new activities.A twice-daily digest of the day's major news stories, including an in-depth breakdown of the coronavirus pandemic.

Help! What if My Homeschooler Needs to Go to Public School?

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We saw fantastic Northern lights. Met some amazing people. I just wish all the street and towns had twenty less letters. Aevar did an excellent job helping us when we had a problem with our rental car. Very helpful and efficient. Thank you, again Aevar.

We were absolutely delighted with our visit to Iceland and were so glad we were able to circle the entire country. I'll admit to having tears in my eyes as we left Reyjavik. We have recommended Nordic Visitor to our friends and fellow travelers we met along the way. Keep up the good work. Overall we were very pleased with the quality of the accommodations. The itinerary that was built for our trip was very well planned leaving enough time to explore the areas we were travelling as well as having sufficient time to find our nightly accommodations.

For the most part we ate in restaurants located in the local areas as opposed to the hotels as some of the menus were very restrictive in selection. Breakfasts provided at the accommodations were fresh and lots of variety. Visited local museums but did not book any extra activities (whale watching, guided tours) as we prefer to explore on our own.

We had an amazing trip. It was so well curated. All of the destinations were thoughtful both in terms of location and distance traveled during the day. The sightseeing suggestions in the tour guide were excellent.

The hotels and guest houses were all wonderful - comfortable and full of character. To put together a trip like this on our own would have required weeks of online research and we never would have been able to achieve something this perfect.

Thank you so much for a great trip. My only question is: Why is there not an "Excellent" option. Our holiday was most excellent in every way.

From my first email enquiry regarding the tour to the last minute of our holiday every aspect was excellent. Cecilia made the whole planning experience smooth and seamless, and the tour itself was most excellent. What an incredible job Nordic Visitor does. We felt so spoilt because everything had been done for us. This was an incredible tour and I can't speak highly enough about the slick operation Nordic Visitor runs.

It was a wonderful tour through the stunning scenery of Norway, very well organized by Nordic Visitor. Already thinking of visiting the northern part of Norway (Nordkapp, Lofoten) at some stage in the future, if a self-drive option is available. Petra was very quick to answer any questions I had before I left the US. The accommodations were great and I would stay in the same hotels again. Service was exceptional and the rooms great.

Marketing smarts for big ideas

Breakfast at the hotels had great variety. I am so happy to have beautiful memories of Norway.These resources will help you get in the right mindset for ACT prep. ACT Advice: Top 5 Tips on Preparing for the TestLooking for a more concise list of ACT prep tips. Then this guide is for you. In this post, we introduce our top five tips to help you prepare effectively for the ACT. These include designing an ACT study plan and using your time wisely.

How to Beat Procrastination in Your ACT PrepNearly everyone has procrastinated on somethingand many on ACT prep. With school and homework, it can be difficult to find time and energy to study for the ACT.

Our tips teach you to hold yourself accountable for your actions and show you how to find the willingness to study. Written by a full scorer (who also got a perfect SAT scoretwice.

Rather than focusing on content, we tell you the key strategies, such as how to find and target your weaknesses, you'll need to know when aiming for perfection. Our guides above teach you what the ACT is and give you a foundation for your ACT prep. The Best Way to Review Your Mistakes for the ACTMany students take practice tests and drill practice questions without actually stopping to understand what their mistakes mean or how they can use their errors to their advantage.

In this guide, we teach you how to review your mistakes so that you can know your weaknesses and stop making the same mistakes again and again. Should You Guess on the ACT. But how can you guess smartly. This guide offers five key strategies to use in your prep and on test day. These 15 tips and strategies will improve your ACT section scores and give you the confidence you need for test day.

Already Have a High ACT Score. Here, we teach you how to focus your prep, manage your time, and conquer your anxieties to get the high (and perhaps perfect. Low ACT Scores: What Should You Do. Are You Smart but Scoring Low on the ACT.

What to DoNot impressed with your ACT scores on practice tests. We cover the best ways to prep for ACT English as well as how to address and fix time-management issues. The Ultimate Study Guide for ACT English: Tips, Rules, Practice, and StrategiesLooking for a thorough ACT English guide.

This guide is actually a stockpile of all of our best and most helpful ACT English articles. From individual grammar guides to expert strategies, we give you everything you need to know to ace ACT Englishin one convenient resource. The Complete Guide to ACT Grammar RulesACT English is all about grammar.

Check out this article to see all major grammar topics tested on the ACT, from ambiguous references to verbal phrases, in addition to key rhetorical skills, such as redundancy, formality, and conciseness. The Best Way to Approach ACT English PassagesTo do well on ACT English, you need to have a good passage-reading strategy.

This guide goes over what this strategy is and how you can use it on test day to get a high ACT English score. How to Get 36 on ACT English: 9 Strategies From a Perfect ScorerThis guide contains expert advice, all from a perfect scorer, and teaches you how to get a 36 on ACT English.


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