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Best micron for kief rosin

Based on our extensive experimentation, here are some of the most important things you should know to get the most out of pressing buds! This sounds like a no-brainer but time and time again we talk to customers who are pressing flower and are getting average results. Quality is also closely related to freshness, and you will often see your very best results when pressing flowers as soon after they are dried and cured as possible.

Similarly, we have not noticed perceptible differences between the flower rosin pressed from hydro, soil, coco, etc grown flowers - the grow media plays a factor inasmuch as the skill of the grower is the biggest determination with each particular substrate.

That being said, some strains and types of cannabis flowers do tend to yield better than others, namely indicas and hybrids anecdotally do better than wispy sativas. Your heavy hitter, ultra-potent plants are usually going to be big yielders as the resin production is elevated with genetics such as The White, Gorilla Glue, Ghost Train Haze, and many more.

When it comes down to it, the biggest determination for yield, flavor, and quality is all based on how well the material was grown and how strong its genetics were in the first place. Another major factor that we determined after many flower rosin presses is that the humidity and moisture content of your buds will make a massive difference for your flower rosin yields.

The reason for this is that if your cannabis is very dry, it will act like a sponge when the trichomes are liquefied, thus soaking up much of the rosin before it has a chance to escape. They work much more quickly and are far more accurate, making a digital hygrometer worth every penny for your rosin pressing process.

For more about moisture, check out on our video where we go in-depth on our testing on our YouTube channel here. Temperature is perhaps the most debated variable in the rosin pressing equation today, with fierce proponents on both sides of the spectrum hotter vs. When you apply heat and pressure to your flower, the speed and consistency in which the trichomes liquefy depends greatly on what temperature is being used, as well as the evenness of that heat distribution.

Generally, there are two accepted ranges within which to press virtually any type of rosin. Rich terpene preservation, but sometimes with a sacrifice in yield. If terpene preservation and quality is your 1 goal, you should probably start colder and evaluate your results, however we have observed very little terpene loss in that range.

Try and see what works best for you, if you find something great, tell us in the comments section! First and foremost, you can absolutely press flower rosin without a bag if you want, but you are liable to get little bits and pieces of plant material in your rosin on the other end. If you are pressing a rosin filter bag however, getting the right micron screen size is essential in order to strike a great yield-to-quality ratio.

The rule of thumb we stick by is that you should never press flower rosin in anything less than 90 micron width. Below that, you can compromise your yield without getting noticeable gains in quality. Similarly, anything above micron width tends to not filter that well, so reductions in quality may be realized. The relationship between micron type and material type is very important, because the higher the micron count, the more porous the mesh filter is.

Stainless steel screens are prone to scratching plates and cutting yields, whereas silk screens stretch a significant amount, making it difficult to accurately track your pressure data. Finally, while flower rosin requires more pressure than kief and hash rosin to squeeze all the juice out, what many high tonnage presses apply is absolutely overkill.Not all micron bags are created equal. Using a micron bag for pressing rosin produces a product of higher quality which is free of plant matter contamination.

You can do this directly inside some greaseproof paper. However, for best results and pressing higher volumes of flower in one single press, a micron bag is highly recommended. The finer the mesh the higher the quality of the product but may lower the yield. However, in our experience, we have not found any difference in quality or yield based on micron size within this range.

You can load traditionally flat making sure the plant material fills the bag right into the corners to prevent any trapping of oil and wastage, then cutting and folding the top envelope style. Or the tricky but efficient bottleneck method that minimizes rosin contacting and getting stuck in seems of the bag:.

This is a 2. Perfect for the size of plates on this hand-crank rosin press machine.

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Step 1 With the solid end of a pair of tweezers push the corner of the bag almost halfway back in so it looks like the image below. Then you can repeat the process on the opposite corner so the bag looks like this:.

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Step 2 Now you can open the bag and with a little manipulation make the bottom flat so you can now load it cylindrically like a tube. Check out how to press rosin at home using a hand-crank rosin press machine to see how we put this loaded micron bag into hardcore squishing action.

I've been using cannabis rosin to self-medicate for the past years. Despite my life-changing spinal injuries, I'm successfully able to reduce muscle spasms and improve sleep to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

best micron for kief rosin

You may have already seen BHO and CO2 extracts with an appealing clear glass-like appearance known as shatter. Although this…. Learn how to re-hydrate your cannabis to raise its moisture content and get the best results when pressing rosin. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Guides for Pressing Rosin. How to load a rosin micron bag like a pro.Picking the right micron sized bag depends on many factors and several of them are down to personal preference.

The input material flower, hash, kief, etc. After that, you need to weigh the importance of quality versus yield. For each type of input material, there is a range of bag sizes that is ideal. More details on each one follow below, as well as the answers to some of the most common questions regarding rosin bags.

Micron size refers to the size of the openings between the threads of the rosin bag. Really small. For comparison, the thickness of a human hair is about 75 microns on average but varies from 17u to u, depending on the person.

Trichrome heads are the most cannabinoid-rich part of the cannabis plant and they are around microns in diameter. It makes sense, then, to use a micron size that will filter them out, so that their cannabinoids can be liquefied and extracted and the plant material left behind. Most find u to be the sweet spot where yield and quality reach the best balance.

We agree with that. They say you can then re-press the extract through a 25u or 36u to remove any impurities and get super high quality rosin. Just save your money and press without them.

Best Pressure, Temperature, Humidity And Pressing Time To Make Rosin

That neat little trick I just mentioned can be used anytime you want to increase the quality, by the way. You can always run any extract you get through another bag with a smaller size, to ensure top quality. The recommended micron size for flower rosin is 36u or 45u. The ideal range lies between 25u and 90u. Kief is a much finer material, which means that the extract can flow out much more freely. For this reason, it is possible to us much smaller bag sizes and not sacrifice much yield.

PurePressure’s Top 5 Flower Rosin Tips & Tricks

Generally, we would recommend trying a 36u bag first. If you are unhappy with the yield, increase the size to see if yields improve and the loss of quality is still acceptable. Each strain will have a different ideal bag size. The recommended micron size for flower rosin is 25u or 36u. Since the various types of hash are all pressed somewhat already, you can use even finer bags.

Like with kief, we generally recommend starting with 36u and going up or down in size, depending on the result. If you are unsatisfied with the yield, go up in size. If you find the quality too low, go down in size. You rosin bags will be flat inside their packaging. To use one, you want to first turn it inside out, so that the seam is on the inside.These are by no means the rules to rosin.

These are just rough starting points. Adjust these as necessary, play with variables, and use our free Lowtemp Labs app to dial in the variables!

Note, that if you are not using a high pressure system, these temperatures will be quite a bit higher. The two mechanics in rosin are heat and pressure. So without optimal pressure, you will need higher temperatures. Sifts require much less pressure than flower, but at higher pressures and lower temperatures, sift rosin can come out a very beautiful budder right off the press. The cleaner a dry sift or bubble hash are, the lower temperature you can press them at.

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Techniques and equipment can only do so much, starting material is KEY! Fresher material tends to be lighter in color. Less mature trichomes will be lighter in color. Strains and a number of other factors can play a role in color as well. Typically, at lower temperatures, you will have to hold the press for longer periods. What seems to work for us is to wrap the material in parchment like a double sided open burrito.

You want your oil to escape the heat as quickly as possible and escape through as little plant material as possible. We get asked a lot if I press flowers in filter bags. For over a year, we thought it was a waste. Until we found our stitchless pouches. Due to the seamless edges, there is a significantly reduced amount of material and stitching for the oil to get caught in.

Moisture plays a big role in flowers. Here in Denver, the flowers we get from the store are always bone dry. Boveda packs have completely changed my game. They are 2 way humidity packs. Just toss them in with your material, preferably at least overnight. I do carry these on the website, but I truly stand by them.


If you are running large amounts, a pre-press can be a great idea. The concept is to create pucks of material that are pre-compressed.

This prevents your material from wanting to expand past the edges of your plates, ripping your parchment, etc. It also increases efficiency by allowing you to press approx.

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Our pre presses are compatible with our rosin pouches. Just put something cold underneath the parchment, and it will make it stable enough to pick up. Just place the parchment on something warm not hot and collect. I know that some people use them all the time. Generally, sifts require lower temperatures than flower. The higher the quality of sift, the lower temperatures you can press at.In this guide, we explain why screen size is important and how to select the rosin bag micron size that will work best for you.

And, bonus!

best micron for kief rosin

Budsmith, an award-winning rosin producer from Humboldt County, stops by to drop some knowledge too. Kief and bubble hash press differently than flower, and their qualities change how rosin flows through the mesh of the bag. A finer screen helps keep dusty particulate in the bag too. A micron bag is an acceptable choice for kief and bubble hash too. Since flower rosin has to extrude through all the nooks and crannies of the bud—and because there can be other, larger particulate in there too—it has a little more work to do to get through the screen.

For ultra-quality flower rosin, try a micron bag. Yes, but not as much as you might think. Bud Smith totally his God-given, family name explains that tightening your screen size will indeed cut your yield a little bit, but the quality tradeoff makes it worth it.

Christmas cookies? Not everyone is as quality-focused as Bud, so some prefer a micron, micron, or micron bag for mass production. But in the rosin industry, screens looser than micron are seldom seen.

This is because trichrome heads themselves—the most cannabinoid-rich part of the plant—are microns in diameter or a little smaller. Even though the trichromes melt, this is still an obvious choice for the upper size limit on rosin bags.

Flower rosin pressed without a screen is one step in the direction of traditional smoking and one step away from the candy-sweet experience of dabbing.

Nylon is the best material for rosin bags. Metal screens mar the surface of the platens when under high pressure. Professional pressers like Budsmith frown on the reuse of bags. Can you reuse them? Most blowouts occur when the technician overfills the bag. For our 9-by Attempting to process any quicker than one ounce per bag risks breakage. Bud makes an additional caution to those pressing hash or kief: go slow.

Flower is more spongy. There are a thousand millimeters in a meter, so, long story short, a micron is really small. Human hairs are about microns across.

best micron for kief rosin

Mesh size is more like the thread count density of the sheets on your bed. Micron sizing refers to the size of the holes between the threads.There aren't too many sights and aromas in cannabis that compare to the tiny bubbles that form when dabbing full melt bubble hash.

We may not always take notice because we're smoking the delicious concentrates, but those tiny bubbles and specifically how nothing should be left when they're gone let you know that you're consuming the highest quality product around. Bubble hash represents some of the best in solventless cannabis today. That is why rosin pressers love using it for their extractions. However, not all strains are created equal. Not every strain can cut the mustard because how it was grown, the strength of the genetics, the intrinsic terpene profile, and more all play significant roles.

Even when strains are capable of producing full melt, the chances of making elite bubble hash can leave even some of the top names in the game scratching their heads. That said, they and aspiring solventless extractors in companies and home operations alike push forward to reach the upper echelon in the category. With the rapid expansion of cannabis offerings, hash producers and other businesses in the supply chain developed a system for rating products.

However, joining the ranks of the best takes hard work and, most importantly, terrific starting material. Thank your grower if she or he is killing it! However, these one and two-star hashes do work well for edibles - giving it the distinction "food grade hash.

These days you don't see much if any 1 or 2 star on any shelves, anywhere. Known to many as "half melt", 3 and 4 star hash or kief does just that, it half melts. These can include tiny bits of leaf material and anything that isn't a full trichome head or stalk. Half melt adds potency to smoked flower products as a bowl topper but is more often than not pressed into rosin. Half melt does works for dabbing as well, but it should usually be pressed into rosin for the best results.

best micron for kief rosin

This is the best of the best. Many claims of 5 and 6 star are actually 3 or 4 star, in our experience. True, top tier bubble hash should leave you with a copious amount of cannabinoids with a robust terpene profile to boot.

With such an enjoyable product and the market demand, producers have entered the space at a rising rate in recent years.Extracting rosin is more art than science. If you use low quality flower, you will get low quality rosin, no matter what temperature, pressure or pressing time you use.

But humidity plays a bigger role. After quality of material, the relative humidity is the second most important factor. That balance is going to be different for every type and strain of input material.

You'll have to adjust and fine-tune, until you get it just right. Because of that, I can't give you the exact value for any of those three factors. But I can give you a good starting point. That's what I'll cover below. I'll also give you the ideal relative humidity. That factor does not change. You always want to make sure the humidity of your material is in the ideal range. Read more below. Start with a pressing time around 65 seconds for kief or hash and around 40 seconds for flower.

The ideal pressure is to psi for hash, to psi for kief, and to psi for flower. The relative humidity of your plant material plays a huge role in the yield. When someone pressing for the first time complains of low yields, it is almost always the result of flower that is too dry.

Overly dry material wants moisture, so it soaks up a lot of the rosin before it gets out. This results in much smaller yields than you should be getting. The easiest way to ensure your material is at the correct humidity is to store it overnight with a humidity pack like this one from Boveda. It will bring the material up to the right humidity, so that it is ready to be pressed the next day. Once you get around that temperature, the terpenes simply evaporate. When pressing kief or hash you want to keep the temperature lower, but increase the pressing time.

As mentioned, since you are decreasing the temperatures for hash and dry sift, you want to increase the pressing time. This will maximize terpene preservation, but at a sacrifice in yield. A lot of people who make their own rosin press get ton jack presses, because they think more pressing power is better.

That is not quite true. The figure that is important is psi pounds per square inch at the bag. The overall pressing power of a press is only one factor that affects psi at the bag. Another factor is the size of the bag which is obviously also related to the size of the pressing plates.

The ideal plates and bag are long and narrow. A rectangular shape gives you more perimeter where the rosin can escape the bag and less area in the middle where the rosin can get stuck. Rectangular bags thus give you better yields from a smaller pressing area, i.

And since the surface area of the bag is smaller, you need less overall pressing power to deliver the required psi. It shows the ideal psi ranges for various types of input material. As you can see, the ideal psi ranges from towith more pressure required for flower and less for kief or hash.

PSI is pounds per square inch, so it is calculated by taking the total pressing power in pounds and dividing by the total pressing area in square inches.


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